Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Swap in A Bottle

Saturday, November 20, 2010
Katrice, a beach babe at the Scrap Beach, hosted a very fun swap that I have never heard or joined before. It's a bottle swap. It's basically just a regular swap...instead of you putting the stuff in a box, you put them in a bottle. I signed up for this swap right away. I started to LOVE and ENJOY the unusual scrapping swaps.

My partner, Allyson, was a wonderful and very talented scrapper. We exchanged info and found out that both of us had the same scrapping style, and I think it's awesome.

So, here it is --- my bottle swap from Allyson.

And now...are you ready to see what's inside -- the great goodies Allyson sent me.

I was so speechless when I opened the bottle and went through the goodies one by one. I felt that I was so spoiled. :D LOL -- I LOVE it ALL!
Another thing that made this swap was so special -- Allyson's handmade creations are just GORGEOUS! She made stick pins, flower and Tim Holtz charm. THANK YOU so so much Allyson.

Well..if you have a chance to join a bottle swap like I did, I suggest that you sign up for the fun. You never know what you might receive. To me, this swap is like finding Janie in a bottle.

Have a great weekend.

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