Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Life Journey Share

Sunday, February 19, 2012
Hi guys,
Hope you all had a wonderful and beautiful weekend.
I worked all weekend long. Actually, I just got home an hour ago then cooked dinner and finally able to sit down. I'm waiting for food to be I figure...I better blog :D {kids are watching Disney Clubhouse and hubby is playing game}

Earlier today, I received an email from someone. Someone that I encountered about a year ago. She's a scrapping friend and She was just checking on me {how nice of her}.
The email that she sent today has our old {cyber} conversation. I went through them...and it made me smile.

When I first sent the email..I no nothing about her. However, I shared everything about me. Strange right..?? first email was a respond to the question...'what is God doing in your life?''s my answer and..I hope you enjoy reading it. It's kinda getting to know me a little bit :D
And trust me...this isn't just personal stuff...I believe that this story relates to who I am today...a scrapbooker.
{Note: The numbers on this story a bit off...remember I sent this a year ago.}

Hello, my name is Tenny Kusuma. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska with my family. I'm married to my childhood friend, Leo, for 5 years. Together we have 2 wonderful and very active children, Dustin, 4, and Phoebe, 2. I'm very blessed to be able to stay at home with the children during the week, and on the weekend I have the opportunity to help and take care the elderly {clients} at their homes.  

Originally, I was born and raised in Indonesia. I came to the US about 11 years ago for college. When I was in Collage, I was majoring in Nursing. My collage life was hard and challenging. I wasn't sure if I really love my major. It was more like my parents' choice for me. I did very well during my first two years in college { My name was in Dean's List and Honor Roll list}, when I started my nursing classes...I struggled, financially and academic. My parents weren't able to send me money to pay tuition and I couldn't concentrate with my studies. I prayed a lot and asked God.."What do  you want me to do? and What's your plan?" I kept asking the same questions for at least a year. It seemed that I never find the answer. I started failing my nursing classes and the school gave me extra pressure with the unpaid tuition. I didn't know what to do, and my parents were kinda blaming me for failing my classes. I didn't stop praying and crying...
All I could think and ask {God} ~ Where are you? I need you and I need help.  
When I was young..and when my parents' business was successful..They were able to sponsor a couple kids to finish high school. My dad sponsored my uncle and cousin. He paid their College tuition until they both graduated. But..nobody wanted to help me. It's all seemed so unfair.  
With the unanswered prayers, I decided to leave collage in 2005. I didn't finish nursing, however, I was lucky enough to get Nurse Aide license. 

I worked really hard just to help myself get by daily needs. 

In 2006, I'm married to my childhood friend. A friend that God sent to me. 
I knew Leo when we were in Middle School. We became really good friend. We hang out a lot. He's a year older than me. He went away for his high school years. I met him occasionally during {special} church events. After graduated high school, Leo went to The Phillipines for college. In 2002, I had a chance to talk to him on the phone. Not long after that, he decided to come to the US and enrolled at the same college where I was studying. We both leaned on each other {because our family are far away}.

Marrying Leo is a dream come true. I had a crush on him long time ago. And having 2 kids {a boy and a girl} is also a dream come true. 

Not to long ago, I had a quiet moment with God. Trying to figure out my life. And I found out that He cares so much about me.
He knew that I wasn't enjoying Nursing school so much. He knew that being a nurse isn't for me. He let me failed those classes because he wanted me to get out college and experience life. He let me decide what I'm really good at.
He didn't send anybody to pay my tuition because it's worthless. 

God gave a friend and a soul mate. He also blessed me with beautiful children. He gave a son as the oldest child because He knew I always wanted an older brother {I'm the oldest of 3 girls}.

My daily life is always blessed.The journey is never easy, but it's fun. God is always there for me and my family.
He works wonderful things for us. 

I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to raise my kids, and teach them about God and His love.

I've been crafting since I was in High School. I believe I got the genes from my mom.
I started Scrapbooking about 5 years ago after I left college. It's on and off for a while. After the birth of my second child, I scrapbook more. I want to capture {our family} beautiful  moments together. 
I love scrapbooking a lot. Finding the right patterned paper with the matching cardstocks and embellishments is like creating a new life.  
I also love to find inspirations by visiting other scrappers' blog. I'd LOVE to be an inspiration to other too.

Life is like a big school. We learn and do homework, to find God's plan for our life. 

I hope I don't bored you with my story, and thank you for reading this. It means a lot.
Yeah....when I wrote that email....tears just pouring down my face. Now, a year later, when I read this...I have a smile on my face. My life journey is kinda different now...It's still hard, bumpy and fun, but I believe God is still there. He still cares about me and He cares that I LOVE what I'm doing right now....scrapbooking!!! :D

I'm addicted to pinterest...and I found this wonderful quote. And I'd love to share it with you. It means a lot to me.

Thank you so much for letting me share this with you all.
Have a wonderful week and Take Care.


  1. Lucky you were smiling reading this, I was tearing up a little bit. That was such a beautiful story and so true. God has his ways of making us realized things in our life. So glad to have a friend like you.


  2. Wow Tenny, your story is truly inspiring and touching. I too agree that God has great plans for each and everyone of us, all we have to do is believe and always keep our eyes and ears open. Isn't it amazing what you will hear and feel if you just stop and listen? Awesome story Tenny, thank you so much for sharing your truth!!
    Big Hugs,

  3. Tenny, sungguh terharu membaca kisah kamu. Terima kasih kerana sudi berkongsi.


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